Reason Behind Sadio Mané’s Departure From Liverpool.

Sadio Mané is now a Bayern Munich’s player, and he is expected to be a regular starter for the team. So many football fans have come out to say one or two reasons why he left the Liverpool, even though Liverpool as a club was doing well in Europe.

The current African player of the year left Liverpool mainly because of:


Mohamed Salah; Mohamed Salah was the main rival of Sadio Mané at Liverpool. The two attackers took their rivalry to the last edition of African cup of nations and Sadio Mané was the player who came top. Sadio Mané is a great player who always wants to be the leader in any team.

Coming to Liverpool, Sadio Mané was going to be the star player in the team, but the arrival of Mohamed Salah affected him badly. He wanted to be at the center of attention at Liverpool, but unfortunately, Mohamed Salah is the one at the center of attention.

Sadio Mané’s departure came because Mohamed Salah was no longer going to leave the club. If Mohamed Salah had left Liverpool, Sadio Mané would have been happy being at the club. Sadio Mané is a great player, but Mohamed Salah is greater. Mohamed Salah scores more goals than Sadio Mané, and he also assists more goals than Sadio Mané. Tell me how he will not be at the center of attention ahead of Sadio Mané?

There can’t be two kings in the jungle.

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