Businessman finds out his househelp uses his Benz to pose as rich person online

A Nigerian man has been left in shock after discovering that his male househelp lives a fake life on social media platforms.

He came across the househelp’s account and discovered that he posts videos of his Mercedes Benz on Snapchat and Instagram to give the impression that it’s his own.


According to the narrator known on Twitter as @Ssaasquatch, he gave the man his car to wash but he used it to sell a lie that he is a wealthy person.

He posted one of the videos that had been earlier uploaded by his help.

”Discovered today that my house help is apparently a very wealthy man on Snapchat. Bobo lives a proper fake life for the gram with my car and apartment”, he wrote.

When a followers said; Please tell me he’s using your house to do ‘Lekki big boys’ Snapchat videos.

@Ssaasquatch replied; ”I’m not even joking. Gave him key to wash car the other day and see what he posted (Edited the video so it doesn’t show his face)”

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