Why People Should Pay Attention to Borno Votes in the 2023 Election.

Investigative journalist, Babajide Otitoju, has addressed the voting culture between the northern part of the country and the southern region. Speaking on TVC News, Babajide revealed why Nigerians should watch out for the votes that will emerge from Borno State in the 2023 presidential election.

Addressing the topic, Babajide said, “Even if, for any reason, any of these Southern geopolitical zones trumps the North West, on election day, the North West will record the greater number of votes.” Mobilizing people to come out on election day is the key. People can register but sleep in their homes on election days and decide not to vote. However, the north has a superior political culture. You will see the kind of votes that will emerge from Borno State on election day. Just watch.

He continued, “The governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum, has said that they have started house-to-house sensitization of Borno people. INEC has not officially flagged off the campaign, but they are already sensitizing their people, and this will make a difference. A lot of their people are still in the IDP camps, and this makes it easy to guide them. The results from the IDP camps in 2015 will make you question Jonathan’s offense. There are still many people in IDP camps across Borno State, and they are being fed by government officials who can influence them. This is why I said people should watch out for the votes that will emerge from Borno State in 2023.

You can watch the interview here. (38:00 minute)

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