How To Use Mouth Condoms To Protect Yourself From STDs During Oral Intimacy

Many people believe that oral intimacy is safe intimacy but the truth is that STDs can also be spread through it, so it is not really so safe. According to health line, there are several ways you can protect your self from developing STDs during oral intimacy and one of those ways is by using mouth condoms. These mouth condoms are called dental dams.


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What are dental dams?

Dental dams are made of latex just like the regular condoms. They are thin, flexible and they help to protect one from developing STDs during oral intimacy. Some STDs that can be spread through oral intimacy include gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis and even HIV/AIDS.


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Dental dams act as a barrier that protects you from coming in contact with body fluids that can transmit these STDs, that is why it is important you use them during oral intimacy.


How should you use a dental dam?

Now that the function of the dental dam has been properly explained, it is also important to know how they should be used. Well, dental dams are very easy to use. However, because of its thin and flexible nature, it is very important to handle it gently so that it does not tear up or develop holes.

The following steps describe how you can use a dental dam properly.

1. Place the dam on your lips and hold it in place during the action so that it doesn’t shift

2. Put a little grease between the dental dam and you partner’s skin if it appears too slippery.


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3. Do not use oil based lubricants while using the dam, use water based lubricants instead.

4. If the dam tears, replace it immediately and discard the damaged one properly.

It is very important that you use the dental dams according to the instructions so that it will work efficiently and effectively.

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