Things Women Do Secretly In Bathroom

On the off chance that you’re anything like me, you probably have a long list of odd things you might do when you’re alone, and another one of even stranger things you might do while you’re alone in the bathroom.

In the end, I feel like the strange things women do when they’re in the bathroom by themselves aren’t actually all that strange when I think about how little alone time most women get to enjoy routinely between working, mingling, driving, and getting things done.

Here are some bizarre bathroom behaviors by women

1 looking behind oneself

I find it ludicrous how often I look at my own rear in bathroom mirrors, but I’m almost convinced that this is something that most women do.

2. Respond to online messages while using the restroom

3. Pose absurdly in front of the bathroom mirror

Before I leave the bathroom, I keep checking my face, and I feel that’s totally normal.

5. Making attractive or repulsive examples by spinning your hair around on the shower tiles.

6. Attempting to shave your legs or other body parts while performing bizarre gymnastic maneuvers in the shower.

7. Try to turn off the shower faucet with your toe, but it usually fails.

8 Even if it leaves a small amount of pee on your clothing, try to shake yourself dry after you urinate and there isn’t a tissue available.

9. Use three times as much conditioner than cleanser so you never use them at the same time.

10. Convince yourself that a little cleanser has gotten into your eye no matter how firmly you shut your eyes.

11. Put on the most hideous personas you can to see how you look.

12. Practice some wild dance moves.

13. Shout and cry as if there’s no tomorrow.

14. Examine the time stream During their period, women use the restroom to clean themselves.

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