Frustrated mum uses rope strap to drag stubborn son on airport floor (Video)

A white woman has gotten netizens talking on social media platforms about what she did to her baby boy at an airport.

She was captured on camera dragging her son who was lying down on the floor of the lobby and it seems he did not want to go.

Out of frustration, she held on to strap that looks like it was attached to the kid’s bag and she started pulling him as she walked.

Other parents and passengers just watched him silent awe at the dramatic scene before them.

Watch the video below


Reacting, @AkinnubiMuiz; I pray God grant me d suru cox eehn i go don spank am b4 i remember say na me born am. Parents of this generation are really trying!

@small__madam; I can do this cause I no get strength to dey run around cause of one Pikin

@obajemujnr_; Parenting should be a paid job.

@kb_city1; People will get mad at you if you drag your dog like this but we laugh when its human

@Roggers1011; Am I the only one that doesn’t understand why she’s dragging her bby.

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