” First Hotel In Mars By Elon Musk Set To Open At $5 Million Per Night “

Social media users posted images of the interior and exterior of a hotel that was constructed on a different planet, which caused others to comment in shock.

As we are all aware, there has always been discussion about whether Earth is the only planet on which humans can survive. It now appears that all of these questions have been resolved.

It has been said that Mars is one other planet that is abundant with life, and this is supported by an article stating that multi-billionaire Elon Musk has a hotel that is situated on Mars. It will be available soon , but it’s now in the implementation phase.

This hotel reportedly has everything a person would need to survive if they were to launch from Earth and land on the planet “Mars.” However, it comes at a price: one night will set you back a whopping “$5 000 000.”

An individual by the user name of ” French @ mcphils ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

On the 27th of July 2022 around 8:16 AM , and captioned it “First hotel in Mars by Elon Musk is set to open soon at $5 Million per night ” grabbing the attention of the masses at once.

And so far managed to obtain a seazable amount of 210 retweets , 16 Qoute tweets and 349 likes.






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