Cyph, a Big Brother Naija level-up edition housemate, has issued an instructive warning to his fellow housemate, Amaka after she gave him a light head rub.

Amaka, Cyph, and a few other housemates were having noodles in the dining room when this incident occurred.

Amaka offered Cyph a mild head rub while they were eating, which presumably upset him and caused him to respond.

Cyph initially disregarded her, but she persisted in stroking his hair for some time before slowing down.

Cyph pleaded with her not to stroke his head anymore since it makes him uncomfortable.

He said:
“Don’t put me in some kind of situation, and stop touching my head”

Amaka promptly heeded his caution and steered clear of his hair.

This did not, however, affect the couple’s friendship, as they were seen chatting amicably with other housemates not long after the incident.

Meanwhile, Sheggz, a housemate on BBNaija: Level Up, has come under fire from his ex-girlfriend for alleged domestic abuse.

In a video that has surfaced on social media, the girl stated that he choked her on the bed and gave her a severe beating.

At some time, she was unable to take it any longer. She made an effort to flee, but as she was doing so, she stumbled and fell down the steps, breaking her leg bone.

She shared images of the damage she had sustained and said that Sheggz is an extremely violent person.

She said:

“He got aggressive, he was grabbing me choking me. I go to the stairs an I’m trying to run down as quick as I can.

So that’s how I obviously missed a step so I fell down. I was rolling. I was just rolling rolling rolling, land on my leg, my leg just snapped. It snapped.

I thought it was like a little stain y’all but getting to the hospital they told me omo!! “you’ve done a very good job. You’ve literally cracked your bone. Your bone is broken”

It’s not like a lite strain you know you use clutches for. I needed surgery as soon as possible. That’s how bad it was.”

Watch the video below;