Veteran Nollywood actress and evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, a who previously expressed her wish to find a spouse to start a family with, has turned to Instagram to write a brief essay against fornication and adultery.

According to well-known gospel minister Eucharia Anunobi, adultery is not a huge concern for a married person who engaged in fornication before to marriage.

The seasoned thespian cited Bible texts to support her claim that adultery is the older brother of fornication and that if it is not stopped when a person is single, it will continue into marriage.

See her post below;

Reacting to her stance, a follower identified as tiavlogseries wrote; ‘I am confused Eucharia… In your last video, you were supporting sex before marriage. You questioned people who condemn this. You specifically said they had no “libido” and you called them were frigid. You also said how can they expect hot blooded people who are attracted to each other and wish to get married not engage in sex, because they have proposed to each other and have agreed to marry…**Please be clear on your message****Many Nigerian Youths look up to you…FORNICATION is fornication as long as it is happening outside the setting / context of MARRIAGE…PERIOD!! Whether your are planning to marry, or exploring each other…So long as you are not yet married..It is fornication !!!!!..That’s how I understand my bible. The holy spirit does not dwell in defiled temples. Gods standards / Principles / laws NEVER changes. God bless ❤️