Voluptuous Nigerian Actress Anita Joseph has turned to social media to explain why her marriage will never fail.

The Anambra State-born actress revealed that she married her husband, MC Fish, despite his youth, because he makes her laugh. The couple are now on holiday.

Anita Joseph revealed this in a video that her husband recorded as he was recording her and making her laugh with his attempts to speak her dialect.

She shared the video and wrote:

‘One of the reasons why I gree marry my man @realmcfish 🤣🤣he makes me laugh🤣🤣🤣
Iv been a good teacher to my husband see as e Dey blow igbo’.

See video below;

A few days ago, Anita recently admitted in an interview with The Sun Newspapers that the pressure to keep going despite the possibility of losing her marriage is actually what keeps her going.

“Whenever, a colleague’s marriage crash, these online trolls will come to face me. One told me recently that it is remaining me. However, I feel pity for the people dragging me because they are giving me more reasons to post more romantic moments with my husband on social media.

They won’t ever stop me from posting my happy moments, never. Celebrity marriage is not easy, we face a lot of pressure out there but you must be stubborn and insist that yours works.

Again, I knew what I wanted before going into marriage; and what my mother taught me about marriage is still imbedded in me. She taught me to always shut up when my husband is talking and not to talk back; especially in arguments.

Two captains can’t be in one ship. Not like you can’t say your piece but there’s a time to pause and let him talk. These things are not easy but for two to work you must agree,” she told The Sun Newspapers