Popular faceless Instagram blogger Gistlover has warned all the celebrities and University students who have been involved with Apostle Suleman Johnson intimately to go for cleansing and prayers.

Gistlover has been on the case of Apostle Johnson Suleman since yesterday as he alleges that the man of God is evil. He shared screenshots of messages between himself and actress Halima Abubakar and accused him of being behind the deteriorating health of the actress.

Gistlover has advised celebrities who have been involved sexually with Apostle Johnson Suleman including University from Bowen to go for cleansing and also prayers before they start fading off like actress Halima Abubakar.

He wrote “Continuation: This is a self-acclaimed man of God who has millions of congregation, Halima is still battling what Suleman did to her till today, all those pictures you are seeing on her page is all social media deceits, y’all should not wake one day and see that Halima is gone, she is gradually going ?? Something needs to be done , Suleman needs to be stopped , if Suleman ever slept with you and gave you money , you need to go for cleansing and serious prayers , serious one , Suleman uses girls and he disguise as if it’s just for pleasure , he is not alone , some top pastors too are his cohorts , they pay heavily knowing what they will get from you , all those guys arranging university girls for him too I will post all of them , all, if your sister is in Bowen university warn them , Suleman and his group are not joking, why is the world silent over this , I keep shouting , young girls , legit hustlers , don’t be pressured , you only see what they post on Instagram , a lot of people slaying in Instagram are empty , Suleman also knows about these Ghanaian actress mental illness , the actress caught suleman in the act where he was holding some fetish things , the end is history , the lady is still battling mental illness till today , I will post her own case too later , even Halima had brain issue in the middle of all these wahala , Legit hustlers, be contended , yes, some girls too get jazz for protection from their baba. But don’t forget that one jazz will senior another, what happened to hard work with the money you will get and have rest of mind, I will drop a list of those on Suleman prick now, they need to seek God’s face and pray fervently, you might be okay now too, but it’s a matter of time, you see all these actresses dying of cancer, kidney, etc, a lot of them are not those sicknesses, they are not when doctors don find them go call am one name, Be CONTENDED, Bowen university girls, Even other universities, there are lot of Suleman on the loose, some attack you won’t feel the impact now, i Dey come make I drop list”.