Jackie Lureino Bent, also known online as Jackie B, is a Big Brother Naija reality personality who has caused a stir with her son’s response to a threat.

The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate posted a video of her son, Nathan, telling him that she was being insulted by a woman down the street, and the woman’s young son was threatening to beat her up.

In an effort to stand by his mother, Jackie B’s son took the decision to follow her to the location of the incident in a fit of rage.

Whilst sharing the prank on her Instagram page, Jackie B shared the video online and admitted she had played a practical joke on her kid to see how he would respond.

She wrote: I saw this prank the other day and i was like naaahh i need to do this on Nathan. I laughed so hard guys

Watch the video and read some reactions below;

josh2funny wrote; ‘Wait o, Nathan is a big boy now o, 😳 the way he bounced Oh my God Jackie you got him there….. Omo the boy did not waste time oooo… Correct boy 😍😍😍

jeffbankz wrote; Hahahaha the ginger shows the love he has for you and how far he’ll go to protect you. He caught the prank with both hands though lol

Queenmercyatang wrote; My Nathan was ready to break somebody’s head oh. His steps change🤣🤣💪💪

kodiokoye wrote; I’m upset on his behalf. Kai! I felt his ginger!!! Like this person will not get away with this. 🤣🤣🤣 NAY BOO, don’t mind your Mummy 🫂❤️🥰