8 Things You Must Never Say To A Girl As A Man

Men are prohibited from saying the following to women:

1. Never, ever tell a woman she has gained weight. Even she inquires whether she has. The mirror will reveal the truth.

2. Never imply that a woman is incapable of achieving anything. Every girl must feel that she is a capable and self-reliant woman.

3. Never inform a girl that another female was wearing a similar dress. They dislike it in some manner.

4. Never tell a woman that she cannot drive.

5. Never tell a woman that she looks gorgeous today. Yesterday, I wasn’t? will be her response.

6. Never tell a woman that her best friend is an idiot. Also, refrain from telling her she’s an idiot.

7. Never ever tell a girl that all women are alike. Never emphasize that all of them are motivated by wealth and fame. You were probably a jerk and are unaware of it.

8. And most importantly, never tell a girl you love her until you truly do and can demonstrate it via your actions.

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