Nigerian man resigns from N24m job, relocates abroad to pursue masters degree

The story of a Nigerian man who left a well-paying job in Nigeria and relocated abroad is currently generating furore on Twitter.

According to the story which was shared by Oluwakayode Bakre, the man was earning N24 million per year while in Nigeria, but he opted to move abroad.

Also, his wife was said to be a branch manager of a bank while they lived in a comfortable duplex in Lekki.

He and his wife are said to be running a masters degree in the UK, where they relocated to. Some Nigerians are finding the story hard to believe.

Oluwakayode wrote on Twitter:

“24m per annum salary. Comfortable duplex in Lekki. Two kids. Wife works as a BM in a first generation bank. But they resign and start masters in UK. I don’t understand some of these things.” 

Twitter users react

@akingbadegroup said: “24M what about after tax, 20m, naira depreciate average 25% per annum before December your salary would have depreciated to say 18m. you pay crazy for sch fees 2kids at lekki per annum 3m. burn diesel and other unnecessary costs. Your 2m say monthly salary you barely save 250k.” 

@chidi_adaugo commented: “Na them sabi! If I earn this, I doubt I would want to reocate? I will pay for good health and protection rather than go slave out in another man’s land. Except of couse there is a job waiting for them there.” 

@istee01 added: “Honestly this craze to relocate is beyond my comprehension. I use to think relocation is for smuggling persons. But how someone will leave a very comfortable life here and relocate to do menial jobs in US and Europe is beyond me.”

According to the story, the man had relocated to Canada after leaving a well-paying job in Nigeria.

Nigerians reacted by saying not everyone will succeed abroad, advising that he should return and try his luck at home.

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