Pique rejects Shakira’s multi-million separation agreement offer

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has rejected a generous offer from Shakira as the pair attempt to settle the terms of their split.

The ex-couple’s separation has stolen the headlines for weeks and now the pair are at the stage of hashing out the finer details of their future life apart.

After 12 years together, and two children, it is now time so figure out how to proceed as co-parents, as well as coming to a consensus on certain financial issues.

According to the YouTube show ‘Chisme No Like’, Shakira has made a spectacular multi-million offer to Pique, which, sensationally, he has rejected as his team works on a counter proposal.

Shakira is said to have offered to take full responsibility for their two children, Sasha and Milan, who, according to her plan, will move with her to Miami.

Pique would have no financial responsibility for the children and, what’s more, the singer would even pay for him to travel first class to Miami five times per year to visit.

On top of those five visits, the Colombian proposes that the children spend the summer with their father.

It is possible that all this, while financially generous, will seem like very little time with his children do Pique.

The most noteworthy part of Shakira’s proposals, however, is that she has offered to cover 20% of the footballer’s debt – some 2.5 million dollars – that he has run up due to legal issues in Spain.

Pique’s reaction

For now, Pique has rejected all these proposals.

Both parties are believed to be working hard to find a mutually-agreeable solution as soon as possible.

It has been reported previously that Pique will oppose Shakira’s attempts to take their children to Miami.

Last month, he reportedly took legal steps to prevent such a move, so it is likely that custody of the children will be at the forefront of their negotiations.

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