Meet Top Famous Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up And Came Back Together

While some celebrity couples may seem like they have fairytale romances, many have gone through rough patches to get where they are today.

And though some of the stars have said that breaking up with their now-spouse was a mistake, others point to the time apart as a useful, healthy step toward marriage.



We’ve rounded up the celebrity couples that broke up and got back together on the path to their wedding day.

Babes, Wodumo & DJ Mampintsha



Mzansi is still perplexed as to why these two are still together in light of their relationship’s troubled history. But despite all the physical abuse, multiple court appearances, and multiple breakups, their love for each other is undiminished. Ultimately, love triumphs, and these two lovers are still together.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck



When Jennifer Lopez called off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez the day before her wedding in 2003, Ben Affleck broke up with her the same day. They didn’t reunite until 2021, when Lopez called off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez. We’re expecting the most fairytale-like wedding imaginable for a storybook romance like this one, after they got engaged again.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin:


Baldwin and Bieber dated briefly in 2016 before splitting up, Baldwin claims. According to an interview she gave to the Times of London in May 2018, “We went through a long stretch of time where we were not friends.” It was only after just one month of dating that the two reconnected and announced their engagement. Oh, the joys of inexperienced romance.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend:



In the past, Legend allegedly tried to stop his relationship with Chrissy, but she refused to let him. The Legend admitted to The Guardian that he was “very worried and overworked.” As a result of this, she felt “happier alone” for the time being. After John’s announcement, Teigen tweeted that she was calling John on his BS. She wrote, “It wasn’t a conventional breakup.” When I heard he was on tour and his voice was hurting and he was acting like a whiny face, “I said no,” he recalls.

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade ’09



After dating for four years, the couple separated in 2013. After a year apart, they reunited and got married. During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Wade talked about his connection with his girlfriend. “We paused for a moment.” Even though we were there for one another, we took a step back for a while. “Listen, we want to continue this,” we agreed at the conclusion of the day. Every day, we’re striving to improve ourselves.'” It’s true, guys: love exists.

Rose Leslie & Kit Harrington:



Everyone knows that our favourite Game of Thrones couple, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, are now blissfully married, although they briefly dated back in 2012. They rekindled their love two years later and haven’t been bashful about PDA since. It was a year after their engagement that they got married.

Cardi B & Offset



The pair from the hip-hop elite married in 2017 and welcomed their first child, a girl named Kulture, in 2018. Cardi B filed for divorce in 2020, but the two were able to resolve their differences. In 2021, they had a baby boy named Wave.

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