Shakira offers to pay part of Pique’s $2.5 million debt as details of her formal agreement offer to take full custody of kids are revealed

International pop star Shakira is reportedly willing to pay a part of Barcelona defender and former partner Gerard Pique’s debt of $2.5 million to keep custody of their kids. She is also ready to provide other benefits to the Spaniard in order to put an end to this custody battle.

The famed couple recently decided to separate after being in a relationship for 12 years. Their kids’ custody is currently the biggest matter that needs to be resolved. According to the YouTube program Gossip No Like (via El Universo), Shakira wants to keep Shasha and Milan and has offered a formal agreement to the Spaniard.

She has offered to pay 20% of Pique’s $2.5 million debt and is also willing to shoulder all the expenses for both their kids. Additionally, she would sponsor five first-class trips for the Barcelona defender to visit their children each year at their Miami beach house.

The Colombian singer will allow him to stay at her mansion and also have the kids for one month in the summer.

Both parties are being represented by esteemed lawyers who have experience handling numerous celebrity cases during the course of their careers. Shakira is represented by lawyer Pilar Mane, who has over 40 years of experience and has defended many public figures during that time. Mane is also the vice-president of the famous law and insurance firm Alter Mutua de los Abogados de Catalunya.

Pique, meanwhile, is being represented by lawyer Ramón Tamborero del Pino. He has had an office in Barcelona since 1974 and specializes in family law and has worked with other celebrities before.

Shakira’s mother opens up on her daughter’s separation from Gerard Pique

It is understandable that the separation has affected the couple along with their families.The Colombian’s mother, Nidia Ripoll, recently spoke about her daughter’s separation, saying:

“Shakira is not having a good time. The separation from Gerard Piqué, surrounded by controversy, is affecting her. But she is still more concerned about the state of health of her father, William Mebarak.”

The Colombian’s father has been hospitalized due to health conditions but is stable.

Meanwhile, Pique has reportedly broken up with his 20-year-old girlfriend and wants a rapproachment with Shakira. There is a lot of speculation going around in the media about the couple.The Spaniard is set to gear up for Barcelona this upcoming season for his 15th year with the side.

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