Check Out The Reason Why Players Raise Their Hands Before Taking A Corner Kick

Many times while watching a football match, we often see players raising their hands before making a cross, maybe not all the time, but the most time before a player hits a corner kick, it is very sure that he or she must raise a hand in the air.


Many people have been wanting to know why would a player raise his hands in the air and not just hit the ball directly since the opponent would be distracted just like Alexander Arnold against Barcelona in 2018, but they might not be able to do that because the referee needs to calm the pressure around the 18-yard box. In this article, you would be told the reason why players raise their hands before taking a corner.


Communication: The main reason a player raises his hands before taking a corner is to communicate or get the attention of his teammates, he doesn’t just hit the ball and expect all of them to jump. The hand he raises is like a signal which says ‘The Ball Is Coming In Right Now‘ it is now left for his teammates to struggle with their opponents. That is the main reason many players raise their hands before taking a corner.

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