A distressed new mother has resorted to social media to bemoan the mistreatment she receives from her spouse.

According to the anonymous woman, her husband has stopped talking to her because she refused to open her legs for him to eat her ‘meat-pie’ days after giving birth to their first child.

She claimed she underwent a caesarian section during her child’s birth, but she is not complaining and she does not know if what she is doing is wrong.

Read her full story below;

“Please post for me. I gave birth two weeks ago and I still have pains. Hmmm my husband tried last night to have se.x with me and I told him i’m not ready. He got bored and because of this he is giving me silent treatment. This is our first child and he doesn’t even hold her or look at her. When the baby is crying he will call me to go and attend to her.

I don’t understand why he is doing this to me and I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s like I don’t attract him anymore ever since I got pregnant and gained weight. I have tried asking him if I have done something but he will just say nothing. It hurts that my husband is being so selfish and thinking of his own sexual desires when I haven’t healed yet 😭

They even cut me and I am not complaining. I am supposed to be happy as a new mother but I am always crying 😭