A man who is currently in a state of dilemma has shared on social media how he discovered his spouse has been cheating on her with another man.

The anonymous man said he found out about his wife’s infidel lifestyle as he saw her being banged by another man on their matrimonial bed.

The young man revealed his experience in the Tried & True Facebook group, saying that he had been skeptical of his wife for some time but lacked sufficient proof.

He then made the decision to set up a surveillance camera in his room to try and capture her in the act.

“I set up an indoor security cameras in my rooms, the camera caught my wife having se.x with unknown guy,
She doesn’t know that I have set up an indoor security cameras in our rooms
I don’t know what to do. Should I show her the videos ? Any advice for me”
 he wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, a woman who is sick of maintaining a lethal secret has expressed her anguish on social media.

She admitted via Telegram that, regrettably, her sister is married to a gay and is unaware of it.

The woman went on to say that although her sister had been married for four years, her husband had stopped touching her for the previous two.

She has done all within her power as a woman to entice him but in vain. The worst aspect is that, except for her, everyone around the lady’s sister appears to be aware that her husband is gay.

She has made the decision to look for assistance so that she can tell her sister the news without upsetting her too much.