” God gave me the worst parents. I hate them so much.”- Angry lady says



Tinah Masiloane says she hates her parents with a passion. She cut them off and does not want to see them anymore. She says she is now at peace. She called them toxic and manipulative. Some of her family members called her to delete her posts, she says she is going to be told what to do. Some people told her to forgive her parents but she refused.

“I can’t believe I’ve resorted to cutting both my parents off. God honestly gave me the worst set. I hate them so much. I cut off my dad last year and my mom today. Toxic human beings those ones.” She tweeted.

” You are angry and probably for a good reason but cutting them off is a bit extreme. Take some time away from them but still check on them.They are your parents.” Said @FatsoTabane.

“They are still your parents, the fact that your mom didn’t abort you before you were born means a lot. Just give yourself time, you will be okay. Said @Musa.

“Welcome to adulthood, i haven’t spoken to nor seen mine in 3 years and i have been flourishing.” Said @Amari.











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