Nollywood icon and fitness trainer, Kate Henshaw is taken aback by the current state of the economy pertaining to the agriculture sector after visiting the market.

On Wednesday, July 7, Kate Henshaw took to her official Twitter page to share an experience she had after storming the market to buy foodstuffs and cook at home.

Kate Henshaw lamented bitterly over the hike in prices of foodstuffs as she revealed that a tuber of yam costs 3000 naira.

The veteran Nigerian screen goddess wondered citizens of the country cope with this high cost of living.

Reacting to her lamentation, on mkobank on Instagram wrote; wrote; I don’t really understand why this is happening! What is causing this food hike!? Is it the farmers, the distributors? How can foods produced in Nigeria go up this way? Rice, beans, yams. This are all grown here? Anyone care to explain why?

See more reactions below;

jadenetiosa wrote; Oh u just dey arrive, u never see anything. I bought tomatoes worth 2k e b like #500 own. Na die we dey so Na rich people dey chop yam and plantain this season 😫😫😫

finessmomma wrote; Honestly it’s so frustrating how the prices of foodstuffs have risen so much. May God save us Ur own good, for my place a tuber of yam is 4500 if u like buy if you no like drop am

aniscooser; The cost of living is really expensive. Funny enough the leaders are using the ongoing Ukraine war as the reason why things are becoming expensive