Nollywood actress, Destiny Amaka has advised married men to conduct DNA tests for all their children even if they feel that their children share a striking resemblance with them.

According to her, it is better for men to find out the truth than to be living their entire married lives in complete deceit and untruthfulness taking care of another man’s children.

She also added that in most cases, most married men prefer to doubt their side chicks whom they have kids with than their wives because they believe their wives cannot cheat on them but most married men a living under the same roof with kids belonging to another man.

Destiny also advised women to come clean when they bear children for another man while they are still married because some men have the heart to cope with such situations and still take care of the children as if they were his.

She advised men to go for DNA tests for all their children just to be on the safer side before their being blinded and forced to take care of another man’s children.

See the screenshot below: