Why Men Hardly Marry Women With Big Backsides But Prefer To Date And Dump Them- Blessing CEO Speaks

Popular Nigerian Relationship Expert and Therapist, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, better known as Blessing CEO, has given her reasons why men hardly marry women with big backsides but prefer to date them and dump them after some time.


According to the blessing CEO, who spoke in a video on her Instagram page, one of the reasons for this was that a man’s sexual libido decreases after marriage because of the responsibilities that are on his shoulders.

She said men spend time thinking about how to protect and take care of the family, which tends to stress them and decrease their sexual drive. Hence, they will no longer find their wife with a big backside very attractive.


The second reason was that most women with big backs are not very intelligent and lack what it takes to bring up a child in the right way. This translates to helping the child with school work.

As a result, most men will prefer to date and have fun with big-backside women and then dump them after a while.

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