Lady Reveals How She Slept With A Man She Mistook For Wizkid At His Concert.


A Nigerian girl has revealed how she deceived her man to go to a Wizkid party in Abuja and ended up sleeping with another man she thought was the music star. The lady feed in the secret while answering question about something she has done but will never tell her current or future partner.


The popular Instagram lifestyle blog, lagoswildnights has been receiving different wild confessions on their page after asking their followers to reveal one thing they have done in the past and will never tell their partners about it.

Meanwhile, one of the confessions received was that of a lady who claimed to have traveled to Abuja to attend Wizkid’s concert while lying to her boyfriend that she was sick. Furthermore, she stated that after the show ended, she found the Nigerian afrobeats star hitting on her and they later made out.

Amusingly, she said she later realized she just slept with a fake Wizkid, for free.

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