Tinubu’s real name is Amode Sangodele, He should come out and reveal his real identity- Bode George

The former governor of Lagos, Amoda Sangodele, hails from Iragbiji in Osun State and is one of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (APC) worst foes, according to Chief Bode George, one of the contender for president of the APC.



In an interview with Yoruba Tooto TV, Bode George, a leader of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), made this revelation. This revelation follows the issue surrounding the credentials the former governor of Lagos gave to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, regarding his academic background.

His real name is Amoda Sangodele, and he is from the Iragbiji area, according to Bode George, who was interviewed. He recently stated it, thus it’s possible that he has come to terms with his Iragbiji heritage. He ought to identify his hometown, Iragbiji, so that everyone is aware of it. Falsehood is not necessary. His identity as Tinubu has not been claimed by the others who go by that name. Rafiu, the author of the book, claimed Tinubu was not related to them.



He exhorted Tinubu to speak up in public and tell the truth. He asserted that the situation would be resolved if he told the truth and acknowledged his errors.

He continued, saying,

“I am aware of his hometown. I’ve already been there. There was nowhere I didn’t travel to while serving as PDP vice chairman for the southwest.

To campaign, I went to his village. I am familiar with residents of his hometown who attended the same elementary school as him. I don’t say this to be naughty.

He is the older of two siblings. He ought to reveal himself and give his genuine name.

You will die if you speak the truth, he warned. Why not just say it since you would still die if you don’t?

He claimed that since he is running for president, every personal detail about him will be made public. We also want to know everything because he has been pleading with us to believe what we already know about him.

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