Fabrizio Romano delivers a full breakdown on Cristiano Ronaldo Man United situation

On Saturday afternoon, several credible high-level sources said that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner had pleaded with Manchester United to allow him to leave the team this summer if the right opportunity presented itself.

Ronaldo wants to make the most of the “three or four years” he believes he still has at the highest level, according to Duncan Castles of The Times, who broke the story first.



The now-37-year-old Ronaldo wants to win the highest individual and team honors while he still has the chance, rather than wasting a year competing in the Europa League.

Given that Ronaldo only rejoined the team a year ago and seemed to be an important part of Erik ten Hag’s new era at Old Trafford, the situation is concerning for United supporters.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Red Devils’ greatest chance of keeping Ronaldo through the remainder of his contract is for the right offer to not materialize this summer.

Regarding the Ronaldo issue, Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio Romano is on the case, so don’t worry if you’re still baffled by the Ronaldo situation (and it’s hard to blame you, given how it sprang out of nowhere).

Romano, who is possibly the most well-known football writer in the world, has developed a formidable reputation in recent years for nearly always getting the transfer news right.

Romano appears to be either breaking major transfer information personally or serving as Twitter’s spokesperson for the most crucial news because of the breadth and depth of his contacts.

Because of this, you can be sure that he was all over the Ronaldo situation this past weekend, confirming rumors and assertions with his sources.

Cristiano Ronaldo informed Manchester United that he wants to leave this summer because he wants to see greater ambition, according to Romano, who tweeted about the situation. Man Utd is aware of the decision but remains hopeful about keeping CR7.

“Cristiano is not bound by any agreements with other clubs. Mendes has been researching possibilities for weeks.

Okay, nothing unusual there, however, some of you may know that Romano also has his own YouTube channel where he gets the chance to explain specific situations in more depth.

He published a video with the subject “CRISTIANO RONALDO: WHY HE WANTS TO LEAVE, MAN UTD POSITION & MORE” in response to the Ronaldo news, with the caption “WHAT’S HAPPENING” as the thumbnail.

The outcome? Romano speaks with individuals close to the player, his family, and his agent Jorge Mendes before disclosing private information about the entire situation.

The main details of Romano’s report on Cristiano Ronaldo

As usual, fascinating material. Salutations, Fabrizio. Here are a few of his main conclusions:

Ronaldo is disappointed in Manchester United’s lack of transfer ambition.

Although Ronaldo respects Ten Hag and thinks he is the ideal candidate to lead Manchester United ahead, he has higher expectations for the team.

Mendes is in discussions regarding Ronaldo and other players with several clubs.

Hasan Salihamidzic, the director of football of Bayern Munich, was contacted by Mendes, but their final exchange resulted in a “no” because of Ronaldo’s advanced age.

Romano hasn’t generally heard anything positive about Ronaldo from Italian clubs.

To discuss Ronaldo, Mendes did meet with Chelsea owner Todd Boehly.

Ronaldo won’t be joining Paris Saint-Germain as things stand.

Ronaldo is not currently bound to another team.

Although Ronaldo is happy with some of the United players on the team, he feels that there should be six or seven crucial players.

Less than a year after Ronaldo transferred from Juventus to United, with all the Manchester City drama in between, it seems like we’re in for another frantic summer transfer season in the world of Ronaldo.

Although it is impossible to foresee whether or not the right club will be able to sign Ronaldo, the sports world should be prepared if it does because a player of Ronaldo’s caliber switching teams is never a trivial affair.

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