A video showing Ademola Adeleke, the uncle of artist Davido, speaking with a radio station in Osun state, where he is campaigning for governor of the state as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate has sparked massive reactions on social media.

A Twitter user going by the handle comrade who posted the video online mocked Davido in the caption and urged him to come to get his uncle.

In the viral video, Ademola Adeleke is seen reading a rehearsed agenda outlining his aspirations for the people of Osun state.

He wrote: After months of pressure, @OsunPDP candidate agreed to feature on a radio program only to come and be reading a prepared script. @davido come and carry your uncle.

Nigerians after watching the video of Ademola Adeleke’s interview declared they found nothing wrong with his actions

As some recall names of those who delivered prepared points during formal ceremonies or programs, many people felt that doing so was the correct thing to do.

Read comments below;

chux.stan: OMO them carry Adelekes drag for osun state mud o

omowumiazeez: Can’t Someone Read From His Notes? Ori Iya e Ti Daru

ebu.be_gram: Buhari no dey use note too? what’s there in reading his agenda. ? Those wey no dey read script what did they do for the masses. Abegi

seun974: Even Osinbajo that you guys hype so much reads from teleprompter. Reading out his agenda from a note shouldn’t be the problem here.

cruzemeka_: So what’s wrong with this? I really want to understand

emmy_young_official: lol There’s nothing bad in it. Even when politicians are featured on TV, they can read from notes even from their laptops or any other gadgets