7 Celebrities Who Have Set Guinness World Records



Guinness World Records, a company that existed from its founding in 1955 until 1999, compiles world records for both human accomplishments and the extremes of nature. These ten famous people either currently hold or have previously held a world record for whatever you can think of.

Cristiano Ronaldo



With 425 million followers, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo holds the Instagram record for most followers.

Kobe Bryant


The late Kobe Bryant, who was 18 years and 158 days old and was starting for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Dallas Mavericks on January 28, 1997, holds the record for being the NBA’s youngest player to do so.

Jackie Chan



Since acting in more than 100 movies starting in 1972, Jackie Chan has held the record for the most stunts performed by a living actor as of 2012.

Jennifer Lawrence


The Hunger Games trilogy plus her two X-Men films, which together brought in a total of $4,005,735,448, made Jennifer Lawrence the most successful female action movie star of all time in terms of box office receipts, according to GWR.


Justin Bieber



Although Justin Bieber has held several records, the funniest one might have been when his song “Baby” video broke the record for the most disliked video online. With 15 million YouTube dislikes in December 2018, “Rewind” became the most despised video.




The most words in a popular single is one of many world records that Eminem’s rap prowess has won him. He raps an average of 4.28 words per second in his song “Rap God,” which has 1,560 words in a fast-paced 6 minutes and 4 seconds.



Queen Bey is the owner of numerous records, including the global records for the most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in a single year and the most Grammy Awards ever won by a female artist. .

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