6 Popular Nigerian Skit Makers And How They Look Like Without Their Comedy Costumes (Photos)

Over the years, the comedy industry has moved from conventional standup laugh shows to digitally produced skit content. These online skit makers are so dexterous in their craft that they will leave you rolling with laughter. However, in order to sell their content faster, these talented skit makers have each developed a unique style of outfit that they usually put on in their skits.

While some utilize cross dressing, others stick to a particular dress style and colour in their content for so long that we sometimes wonder what they would actually look like without their hilarious costumes. Over the next few slides, you will be seeing how some popular skit makers appeal outside what they wear in their content;

1- Mr Funny

Mr Funny popularly known as Oga Sabinus is currently one of the fast rising skit makers in Nigeria. Since he became famous, Sabinus has been a consistent content creator and that consistency paid off as he was named the best online comedian at the recent Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA). For his content, Sabinus utilizes a light Blue shirt with a very short black tie, and combines it with a black joggers and a Nike branded pair of sneakers.


However, outside his skit making costumes, Mr Funny knows how to make a pronounced fashion statement with normal attires as well. Below are some his dressing outside content creating;




2- Taaooma

A drama queen with relatable content, Taaooma’s rise to fame was due to her novelty in the storytelling of stereotypical African mothers who discipline kids for everything and anything. She’s known for appearing in different outfits for the different roles she plays in her content and these outfits are always unique in all her skits. Outside the traditional costumes in her videos, Taaooma is a stunning looking young lady;




3- Zicsaloma

Aloma Isaac Junior known by his stage name as Zicsaloma is one of the few content creators who utilizes cross dressing in their skits. The Kaduna born entertainer focus his skits on varying themes from social changes and playing a role as Sister Ekwitos, a female evangelist character.


Checkout what he looks like without his hilarious costumes;


4- Ada Jesus

Chinonso Ukah popularly known as Nons Minaj or Ada Jesus is among the most successful content creators in Nigeria entertainment space. In her skits, the pretty lady is known for tying a special wrapper while putting on her regular red blouse. Outside her skits, Ada Jesus regularly thrills her followers with stunning pictures of herself on social media.

See below;


5- Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter began by revolving his skit around playing a stress-free role where he picks up his shoes and exit the scene if anybody gives him more trouble than he could handle. Over time, his talent and creativity has earned him collaboration with other top Nigerian entertainers like Don Jazzy. He is mostly seen with a green long sleeve polo and a not so body fitted joggers, but here’s how he looks on other fashion.



6- Mummy Wa


She is best known for taking the character of Mr. Macaroni’s wife. Some of her fans might not recognize her when she appears in outfits other than her regular content attire. Below are pictures of her looking gorgeous outside her skits;



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