Sleeping With Your Partner Too Much Makes Him Not To Trust You, Learn How To Say No— Blessing CEO

Physical intimacy is one of the most important things in every relationship because it helps in strengthening the bond between you and your partner. It also reconnects two people and brings them back to the discovery phase, allowing them to grow both as individuals and as partners in life.

While most people agree that regular lovemaking between two partner brings more trust to the relationship, controversial relationship expert and therapist, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, better known as Blessing CEO, has a different opinion. According to a video she shared on her official Instagram account this morning, Blessing CEO stated that women that don’t know how to say no anytime their partners want to sleep with them may have trust issues in their relationship.

She argued that too much of free sexz makes your partner lose his trust in you, therefore, women should learn how to say no at least once in a while. She also advised women to allow men to chase them instead of making themselves available always.

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