Sunday Oliseh Reveals Misconception People Have About Okocha and How Taribo West Almost Beat Him Up 

Former Super Eagles skipper, Sunday Oliseh has cleared the air on the misconception surrounding Nigeria legend, Austin “Jay Jay” Okocha during their playing days in the national team.

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Most people believed Okocha always laughed whenever he gave away the ball while trying to dribble, but Oliseh clarified by saying that Okocha has a facial expression that looks like he is laughing, but he is actually not.

The former Juventus midfielder revealed in a video interview with the ATHLST that he had an easy relationship with Okocha when they played for the Super Eagles together, contrary to popular opinion that Okocha was difficult to play with.

“With Jay Jay, most people will say he is a difficult player to play with as teammates, as defensive players but I personally had an understanding with him that made it easy for me to play with him.”

Oliseh speaks on Taribo and Okocha scuffle 

Oliseh, while speaking with Mathew Edafe and Emmanuel Babayaro in an exclusive interview, also disclosed that Okocha almost got into trouble with defender Taribo West during a game. The former Inter Milan defender, Oliseh, recalls almost beating up the then youthful Okocha after the midfielder’s showboating skills had caused the Super Eagles to concede a goal. “On one particular game, he (Okocha) was doing it (showboating) and Taribo was going crazy at the back and then he lost the ball and I let the opponent pass and they scored.

“Taribo went crazy. He crossed the head of me, I had to drag and hold him.”

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