How I Masturbated twice a day after I became a Christian- Prophet E. Okeke, reveals


Prophet Emmanuel Okeke: founder and senior pastor of Watchtower Prayer Network, has in a video uploaded to his official church’s Facebook page a few minutes ago, revealed how he masturbate twice a day after he became Christians.


Prophet Okeke made the statement when he was hosting a program on “how masturbation gains access to our lives and how we can break free of it successfully.”



The cleric said if he speaks about masturbation, he is speaking from experience because he also battled with masturbation even after he became a Christian. He said his own is so strong that he masturbates twice a day. He said it was so bad that sometimes when he finished praying, that God should set him free from masturbation, two days later he would see himself masturbating again.



He said that is why he can understand the effects of masturbation in the lives of Christian. He said he went so far as to try to convince himself that masturbation is a normal thing, it’s not a sin, and that masturbation is different from fornication.

He said he tried as much as possible to bring himself to understand that masturbation is not a sin and he went online, as many people are doing today, to google if masturbation is a sin and where it is in the bible.


He remarks that masturbation is a sin and that is why many times, when someone finishes masturbation, he/she will feel guilty. He said masturbation falls into the sin of immorality.


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