Check out why this picture caused a stir on social media

Lobola or Lobolo in Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, Silozi, Shona and northern and southern Ndebele, and Mamalo in Tshivenda language, sometimes referred to as “bride wealth” or “bride price” is property in livestock …

Many people today don’t consider paying lobola that much, they just move in together and do what we call Vat n Sat, which is very common in south Africa.

Although some do pay the lobola most end up being separated and this cause the other party to demand the money back, like this one guy who paid R70 000 for lobola and the girl end up dumping him, so he had to go back and collect everything he can from the family to be able to get his money back.

But this guy below is living the life, he gets his woman to Cook for him without even paying a cent for lobola, and this caused a stir on social media.


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