Woman Allegedly Dating Gerard Piqué Which Led to His Split With Shakira Speaks Out

 Woman?allegedly?dating?Gerard Piqu? which led to his split with Shakira speaks out


A young lady alleged to be the reason behind the split between footballer Gerard Pique and his former partner and Colombian pop star Shakira, has denied the allegations.


Earlier this month, there were reports that the alleged new partner of the Barcelona defender was a ’22-year-old blonde’ woman who is referred to as CC and a close friend to Pique’s teammate Riqui Puig.


The lady is also a waitress working in a nightclub in Spain and living in Catalonia where the Barcelona defender also resides


It is alleged that Shakira hired private investigators who identified the woman as Pique’s girlfriend.


The former couple has since announced their separation, with their lawyers working on finding an amicable solution for both parties.


The lady behind the split has since deleted her social media profile amid rumors surrounding her involvement in the breakup between Pique and Shakira.


‘C.M.’ recently came out to clarify that she is not the girl the rumors claim and also provided the reason why she is not on social media anymore.


Speaking on the Telecinco show (via MARCA), she was quoted as saying the following:


“I would like to clarify that I do not know Gerard Pique at all, they have linked me to him without meaning because of the description of the supposed girl and they have awarded me the role taking advantage of the fact that I do not have social media because I am doing my final exams.”

She added:

“It’s not me and I don’t know her, so please leave me alone, people are blasting me for things I haven’t done, anything that comes out with my name will be met with a lawsuit (…) I don’t understand why they’ve gotten me in the way.”


The lady in question wants to be left out of all the allegations and believes the real woman behind the split will soon be revealed. She said:

“I guess because they need someone to change the subject and confuse everyone, although what they’ve told me is that the real girl is going to come out soon, I hope that’s how they leave me in peace and be able to go back to studying calmly, which is what matters to me.”

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