Things you can offer a woman that money cannot buy

It is a common notion that it is difficult for a poor man to maintain meaningful relationship with a woman. It is probably the reason why most men don’t get involved with women, this is because they see their status as a deficiency and until they become financially buoyant they prefer not date women.

This is not to say that money is not important in relationships; of course every woman would like to be provided for in terms of access to basic necessities of life. But, it doesn’t mean that money is everything in a relationship. If such is the case, where then do we place happiness? After all, money does not guarantee happiness.



The truth is that there are women that attach too much emphasis on financial status. But such behavior is not universal among women. There are women who appreciate other attributes presented by men. I shall discuss 4 attributes money cannot buy, and the can be grouped into one concept called attention.

1 Find every opportunity to compliment her- a compliment simply translates to saying nice things to a person. Even though it is often taken for granted, saying nice things about her intelligence, beauty, and so on would make her feel the need to be close to you.

2 Ensure that you are there to support her- support comes in different forms, it could be material, emotional or physical. The mere fact that you are making genuine effort to stand by her physically and emotionally would register in her how important she is to you.



3 Provide a sense of security- of what use is a man if he cannot ensure the security of his woman. The safety of a woman should the primary concern of her man. Given the fragile nature of a woman you should endeavor to be there to provide protection, or at least give the confidence that someone is there to ensure her safety.



4 Make concerted effort to be fun around her- Humans are fun seekers, and women are no different. Give her every reason to be close to you by making her laugh. Spend quality time with her visiting restaurants, friends and so on.

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