Man celebrates his agile great grandma as she clocks 100

A Zimbabwean man has taken to social media to celebrate his great grandmother on the occasion of her 100th birthday.

He revealed that she turned 100 on June 11, 2022 and the family decided to mark her centennial birthday with a party.

The man simply known as Tafadzwa shared a photo of his granny sitting on a chair and looking really happy.

He went on to reveal that the granny’s first child is 76 while her last great great grand child is 2 years old.

According to the young lad, she walks without a stick, reads without using eyeglasses and even knows how to operate a phone.

In his words; ”My Gogo turned 100 today.

Her first born is 76

Her first grand child is 52

Her first great grand child is 28

Her first great great grand child is 2”


When @dgonah wrote; She got good genes, looks way too good for a centurion. More life..Hooray !!!

@Tafadzwa____ replied; She walks without a walking stick and reads without glassy, she even operates a phone.

@AMutsetse; Gogo is the 1st generation, and the 2 year old is the 5th generation. It’s God’s love and most probably gogo’s good choices that she has lived to see the 5th generation. May our good Lord continue to bless her.

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