Pregnant wife seeks advice to save marriage as pregnant side chic moves into their one bedroom apartment

Pregnant wife seeks advice to save marriage as pregnant side chick moves into their one bedroom apartment

Embattled woman cries out for advice over her husband’s decision to bring his side chic into their one-bedroom apartment.

In a chat with a relationship adviser, the young woman in question narrated the financial struggle in their marriage.

Pressing on, she added how her husband’s friend who housed them made advances on her and how her husband asked her to play along.

Read the full narration below …

“Ceetee, I’m dying slowly. The nurses asked me to stop thinking but is it possible to see my husband bringing in his girlfriend and I will sleep in the palour. I got married to him 2020.

We were as poor at church rat. We couldn’t even afford to rent a room. My husband begged his friend for his empty room and he gave it to us free of charge. His friend started asking me out which I reported to my husband. My husband begged me to play along to avoid him throwing us out.

I reluctantly agreed and I started playing along. He gives me money for hair N5,000 and I will submit to my husband. I never hide anything from my husband. The only boundaries he has crossed was hugging me. We didn’t have Av.

The wife started suspecting and I told my husband that we need to pack out. I’m even tired of playing along. Ceetee, God being on my side, my husband got a job of 180,000 and changed. He got a girlfriend secretly. When I noticed and confronted him, he told me that he’s tired of me.

That I irritate him. He told me his girlfriend is pregnant and she will be moving in with us. We are staying in one bedroom flat. His girlfriend visits but has not moved in completely with us. I am pregnant too and in my last trimester.

Each time the girlfriend visits, my husband will ask me to excuse them and I will sleep in the palour. I became sick. I started having convulsion and my neighbors rushed me to the hospital. The nurse said my blood pressure is too high and she gave me bed rest.

I invited my mum from the village and she was just crying. All through the days I stayed in the hospital, hubby didn’t call me. Till now I’ve not gotten baby things. I don’t even know what is antenatal and he’s taking care of another girl.

He claims my pregnancy is not his. He opened his mouth and said, when I’m tired of staying in his house, I should go. That he won’t push me out. He girlfriend is not bad. She has never disrespected me in anyway. D disrespect I’m getting is from hubby.

I remembered when I asked for money to enroll in antenatal, he told me in front of his girlfriend, that I should go to the man that impregnated me and collect the money. The nurses are telling me not to think, how can I stay in d same house, watching another lady occupy my position and you expect me to over look.

Ceetee, after all my sacrifice, this is how Joawant to pay me back. From this hospital. I’m going back to village with my mum. My mum is a farmer. She said she will not be alive to watch her being humiliated like this simply because we are poor.

We will rather eat sand sand than move back in. Ceetee, I don’t know if I’m making a mistake by not going back to be with my husband and fight for my marriage.”

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