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Toke Makinwa Hints On Getting Engaged, Shares Touching Note As She Embraces Her New Chapter

Controversial television and radio presenter, Toke Makinwa has subtly revealed that she is about to be engaged.

Toke Makwina shared some information on her Instagram account, alluding to a new chapter in her life.

Toke Makinwa explained that she has begun the 12-year process of saying goodbye to a significant portion of her life.

The media personality felt well at first, but subsequently had one of the worst times of her life; yet, she thinks that this new chapter will bring her so much insight and inner peace.

“I began the process of saying goodbye to a huge part of my life yesterday, 12 years of me. It felt ok at first then I had one of the worst moments after. My anxiety on 100, Sweaty palms, watery eyes, the fear of the unknown, feeling unsure of my decision, wanting to just curl up and disappear. I am excited about what is to come but why do I feel so afraid.

“I guess it kind of mirrored my life. I don’t welcome change as I should, I hold on to things cos I’m afraid I. Not of what I might and after, I’m afraid of the me that I’ll have to learn again cos I’ve worked so hard to become who I am, I’m scared of losing me again. I share to let you know that you are not alone.

I’m hoping that this new chapter brings me so much clarity and peace of mind. Doing it afraid has always been my mantra so I’m ready. I can’t wait to share with you all and I hope you come on this journey with me. Coming soon”. she wrote.



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