” How my sister slept with my boyfriend “-A lady tells a story of how she was betrayed by her sister

Sisters are supposed to look out for each and have each other’s backs, but that’s not the case for Strawberry’s little sister who doesn’t respect her. She takes care of her financial and has given her everything. She stays with her but she sees her as nothing but her competition. Straw says she caught her sister in bed with her boyfriend and she was devastated. Now she wants to kick her out but she made a vow to her parents that she will take care of her. This is her story;

The first time I caught my sister in bed with my boyfriend he said he was giving her a massage. The fact they were both naked did not faze her. She simply looked me in the eye and told me ‘you got it all wrong big sis.’ I fled in tears, went to stay with a friend. Two weeks later my boyfriend came crawling back asking for a second chance. Like a fool I forgave him and we moved back in together.”

“Six weeks later I came home and found a trail of clothes leading from my front door to my bedroom. There was my dear sister again, with my boyfriend. This time I went crazy at them. I threw shoes, books, toiletries and handbags. I screamed so loudly the neighbours called the police. Now I’m with a new guy and paranoid that she’ll try and sleep with him too. The thing about my sister is that she never wanted my ex for a relationship. Must I really dump my own sister so I can have a decent relationship with a man?”



“Cut out the whole family and be on your own. They don’t respect you.” Said Lizo_tigale.


















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