Dear Men, Once Your Wife Is Pregnant, Avoid Doing These 6 Things To Her

A pregnant woman needs extra attention because she’s carrying a baby.

As a male, it’s your job to keep her happy and help her when she needs you.

Here are 6 things men should avoid doing to their pregnant wives for the baby’s health and safety.

1. Don’t allow too much caffeine

Like alcohol, caffeine can pass the placenta and harm the fetus. This equals 1.5 cups of coffee per day for a pregnant lady.

2. Don’t make her stand or sit too long

at the time your wife is pregnant do not always like her to take a stand or take a seat for too much long.

It can induce swelling and venous issues.

Help her take frequent breaks to shift around if she’s seated or put her legs up if she’s standing.

3. No amusement park rides


Many amusement parks ban pregnant women from roller coasters and other sudden-start rides.

These rides can trigger placental abruption.

4. Lifting

at the moment your wife is pregnant you should avoid weight lifting and always warn her not to lift any weight.

Heavy lifting can cause torn muscles, hernias, low birth weight, and preterm delivery in some women.


taking of drugs that are not prescribed by the doctor during pregnancy time is always risky to the pregnant mother and also to the child which is unborn.

Neonatal abstinence syndrome can be caused by illegal substances or prescription drug abuse (NAS). NAS babies experience withdrawal at birth.

Drug usage can also cause stillbirth, pregnancy loss, and birth defects.

6. She can’t change cat litter

Toxoplasmosis is spread by cat feces. It’s better to change the cat litter yourself than daily.

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