8 Players Who are Wearing Special Boots For The UCL Final (photos)

After the UEFA Europa League final and UEFA Europa Conference League final were played, all attention is now on the upcoming UCL final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Note that several players from both teams have spoken about what is expected from the game, while other players have spoken about how difficult the game would be. However, this article will focus on 8 Players who are wearing special boots for the upcoming UCL final in Paris. Note that Adidasannouncedf these special boots. Take a look!

1. Karim Benzema.


Photo: Benzema’s boots || Instagram

The Real Madrid striker is going into the UCL final as the highest goalscorer. The 34-year-old Frenchman would also be looking forward to winning his 5th Champions League.

2. Mohamed Salah.


Photo: Mohamed Salah’s boots || Instagram

The 29-year-old Liverpool winger would be looking forward to winning his second UCL title with Liverpool.

3. Roberto Firmino.


Photo: Roberto Firmino’s boots || Instagram

Just like Salah, Firmino would be playing his third UCL final with Liverpool, with the hopes of winning his second UCL title.

4. Luis Diaz.


Photo: Luis Diaz’s boots || Instagram

The 25-year-old Colombian would be playing in his first UCL final with a special boot.

5. David Alaba.


Photo: David Alaba’s boots || Instagram

The 29-year-old defender would also be featuring in his third UCL final with a special boot.

6. Toni Kroos.


Photo: Toni Kroos’ boots || Instagram

The German would also feature in his 6th UCL final with his famous boot. The midfielder would also be looking forward to winning his 5th UCL title.

7. Diogo Jota.

Photo: Jota’s boots || Instagram

Just like Luis Diaz, the Portuguese forward would feature in his first UCL final with special boots.

8. Marco Asensio.


Photo: Asensio’s boots || Instagram

The Spanish forward isn’t new to the UCL final, and he would play in the 2021/2022 version against Liverpool with a special boot.



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