JAMB 2022: Starting, closing dates for change of institutions and courses for admission

JAMB 2022 Starting, Closing Dates for Change of Institutions, and Courses For Admission 2022 has been announced.


This is the answer to your question: Is JAMB’s change of institutions on or has it started/opened? , change of institution on JAMB 2022, Change of course, starting date, Change of institution, closing date, change, of course, change of Some candidates who seem to know that the form is on are asking to know the closing date.

If for one reason or the other you think you must change institutions, you may want to know if the form has opened or the closing date so you can know, to what extent you need to wait before you affect the changes.

Important Warnings On Change of Institutions

Below are what you must know:

JAMB change of institution form is now OUT on sales. You can immediately proceed to your JAMB profile and effect the change of institutions. See how to do it yourself.

You may proceed to any of the centers opening now for your chance of institutions/courses.

JAMB 2022: Starting, Closing Dates for Change of Institutions and Courses (2022/2023)
JAMB notice telling candidates to go to CBT centers for changes

You can also request appointments with the JAMB office to do your change of institutions and courses. JAMB offices will open nationwide, as soon as all JAMB results are released, for candidates to solve one problem or the others, including the change of institutions and courses.

More so…

    1. JAMB Change of institutions goes with the change of courses and other data. This means, that while changing the institutions, you can also change courses, dates of birth, gender, and state/local government. This will be counted as one change. But if you change them separately, it will be counted as two.
    2. Meanwhile, you’re NO MORE limited to one change this year 2022. In other words, if you do change once, you could keep changing from one institution or course to the other if you can afford to pay for it UP TO THREE OR MORE TIMES. I explained this in detail in my post, “How to Do Change Institutions/Courses the Third or More Times”.


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