Mbappe apologies to Madrid Fans, States why he refused a move to the Bernabeu

Kylian Mbappé held a press conference at the Parc des Princes to discuss his renewal with PSG and the reasons behind his decision to join the club.

Mbappé and image rights:

“We didn’t talk about money until the end. The most important thing was the sporting project. We only talked about the contract and the image rights at the end, for a few minutes”.

Mbappe’s message to Real Madrid fans.

“I want to thank you, I have worn your shirt since I was 14, I always dreamed of that. I hope you understand my decision, I understand your disappointment, but I am French and I want to stay here and win titles here”.

“There were objectives that had to be met, it’s a complicated decision, I’ve always wanted to take refuge in football and I had no problem with pressure.



Mbappé and his new role:

I’m going to limit myself to football, to the game, I have no other functions. It’s true that I wanted to leave before, but now the context was different. I didn’t want to leave my country like that, my story isn’t over yet, I want to earn more here.

“I took it last week, but I didn’t say anything to my team-mates and the club wanted me to keep quiet. I have a lot of respect for Madrid and I thank them for all their efforts. They have done everything to make me happy and I am grateful to them. I have learned to look right in front of me, today I sign a new contract and I hope it will be my best choice. It’s a new era and I don’t know what will happen in the future. I don’t know what will happen in three years.

“It helps to play with them, it’s an honour to play for clubs like Madrid or PSG. The quality of these two players is clear. But it was a personal decision and they have respected it.”


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