A young lady is said to have lost her mind immediately after checking into a hotel with her partner.

The unidentified woman has already begun walking down the street without any dress covering her body, and a video of this has already gone viral.

According to the grapevine, the young lady slept in a hotel room with a man and began exhibiting strange behavior the next day.

The hotel employees allegedly chased her out after she began to show indications of insanity.

It was also discovered that the male disappeared into thin air just before she became psychologically ill.

We are sorry we can’t show the video here because of the nature of the video and our editorial policy.

In other news, Benito, the son of Abdulrasheed Bello popularly called JJC Skillz who is the husband of Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has revealed the current state of his father’s marriage.

Benito made this revelation during an Instagram live video after a fan inquired if his father and Funke Akindele are presently on good terms.

In response, Benito remarked that there is tension between Funke and her husband. JJC Skillz and Funke, he continued, have both cheated and are fighting one other.

Benito also stated that they are no longer living together.

He claims that he is weary of their lies and that anyone on their team should be able to speak the truth about their union.

Benito further dissociated himself from them by declaring that he no longer cares about or has anything to do with them.

This comes after various stories surfaced about Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz’s marital problems.

Reacting to his revelations, one @oakasq on Instagram wrote; ‘The fact you said this doesn’t make it the TRUTH; you lived with them doesn’t mean what you say about them it’s the truth, grow up boy and stop speaking your mom’s fabricated stories to tarnish Funke Akindele and eventually make her separate from her husband.

Watch the video below;