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Man Set To Break Up With Girlfriend After 16Years of Dating Without Ever Seeing ‘Tears In Her Eyes’

A man has revealed plans to end his relationship with his girlfriend who he has dated for 16 years all because his girlfriend has not expressed emotions and shed a tear before in their years of dating.

A young man in a long-term relationship expressed anxiety about the hardness of his partner.

In a conversation with a relationship counselor, the unidentified man made the decision to end their relationship because he believes she is a witch.

Read the narration below …

“I want to get married to my girlfriend but I think she is a witch. Pls don’t get me wrong. I have my reasons.

This girl is so strong that I have never seen water come out of her eyes. We have been dating since 2006 in our under graduate days. I have never seen her cry.

In between the relationship I will cheat on her but she will talk calmly. I will abuse her tell her it is over. She will just bend her head and beg me but she will not cry.

I have done anything possible to make her cry but she just won’t. One of my female friends tells me it is only witches that don’t cry. Since then I have been thinking maybe she is one.

I can’t see myself marrying a witch. I just want to ask, is it true that women who don’t cry are witches because I know women can cry vet well but how can I date someone for years and not see her cry once.

I mean we see all the time and we even live together since 2years now. But she has never cried.”


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