Actor John Okafor Shares Testimony Of How His Family Member Poisoned Him Because He Built Houses And Bought Cars

Comic actor Mr Ibu Narrated in Church how his Family member poisoned him but God healed him through a powerful preacher……

In the Video he is heard saying….

“This sickness came as a poison from another person who does not like me. He administered this poison into me. I tried the much I can to see if I could treat myself from local herbs, somebody was busy telling me that I should not wrongly approach this poison unless I am prepared to go to the other side I said “which side?” the guy said “Ibu you are not a small boy you know what I mean when I say the other side, you will only get there when you close your eyes on your bed I said “God forbid.”

This person began to talk about OPM then I said “it is a name of biscuit?” He said it was a church. I said “if that place will save me then I’m ready” but first of all my friend is coming. He came and put a call across to somebody who put a call across to the Pastor. That person called you (Pastor) and you picked then I narrated the whole story to you Instantly you said close your eyes, my eyes wey bin wan close all the time e no waste time I close am.

After that Prayers, Pastor God will bless you for free. Let me tell you dying is sweet oh e no hard for someone to die e no hard at all. I was seeing myself stepping close to the other side but God said no. only her (wife) tears when she started crying made me cry even though my face no fine but however God was hearing my tears.

The same boy poisoned my elder brother, we are from the same family but since God started helping me I started buying things I bought cars dashed out to people, built houses he is not happy.

He was really looking for means to eliminate me but God said no.”

*Praise God!!!…… I hope this is not some kind of health issue that is being overlooked…He needs to do a thorough medical check up to rule that out because i have read severally that he was poisoned and the stories are different….

God that called Pastors also equipped Doctors to know what to do, if someone poisoned him, he should go for thorough check up to see how the poison can be flushed out.

God bless you funny man!


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