Man who joined company as security guard becomes manager

A young man identified as Agata Joseph has narrated how he became a prolific car sales manager despite starting off as a security guard.

The 22-year-old Kenyan said that his life journey began when he finished Form Four in 2018 and could not further his education due to unavailability of funds.

Agata resorted to choosing the option of looking for odd jobs, so he left the village to search for opportunities in Nairobi.

He admitted that it was very challenging getting any meaningful job even as a security guard.

According to Agata, a manager informed him that there was a car showroom around Kiambu road which needed a night shift guard.

“Most security companies rejected me due to my age and height. I was lucky that, in 2020, Intercity Security gave me a job after pleading with them.

“He asked whether I would accept the job and I said yes even though the distance was too long for me because I stay in Githurai 44 and the assignment was on Kiambu road,” he said.

He explained that things were so tough that he would have chosen any job that came his way no matter the pay or on-job demands.

The huge change in his life started in 2021 when he was moved from the security man and made the car detailer at the company.

He was so dedicated and passionate that it earned him favours with his employer who promoted him seven months later to the role of a stock manager at the car yard.

The man added; “I remember it was on a Friday in February this year when we were at a meeting and the manager announced that Agata had been promoted. I told God that this was too much for me to handle. You can imagine at 22 years and I already have an office”.

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