Remember Emanuella the girl comedian? Her 7 year transformation is unbelievable

It’s been a while since you’ve seen the Nigerian kid star comedienne. You’ll be amazed at how much she’s grown since the conflicts. She’s almost unrecognizably gone now.

Emmanuella’s videos are widely available online, so you’ve probably seen them already. Her enormous fan base has grown steadily throughout the years. Incredibly, she has 653K Instagram followers.

To celebrate their one-year anniversary on May 27th, @markamgelcomedy and his daughter Mila, whom he shares a birthday with, received birthday wishes from Nigerian kid prodigy Emmanuella on her official Instagram account, which she shared with her uncle and coworker.

May the adorable kid star continue to thrive and amuse us all. Nigerians and Africans alike hope that she would continue to do well.

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