Reasons Some Wives Won’t Make Love With Their Husbands At Night

Some married men find it hard to understand why they are being rejected by their wives at night.

Some might even think their wives are having extramarital affairs, or someone else is satisfying her outside.

This could happen when the husband refuses to take care of his body and the feelings his wife once had for him die suddenly.


Women are often emotional beings and react negatively to things that don’t matter to some men.


These are some of the things that could change your wife’s behavior towards you at night.

When a man only cares about himself and shows little or no concern for his wife, she begins to deny him physical intimacy at night.


When you only make decisions by yourself, and you don’t involve your wife, she feels neglected in the marriage and would not want to come close to you at night. 

Respect is important in marriage. If you don’t respect her, she will ignore you when you make advances towards her.

When you don’t apologize after offending her, she will hold grudges against you. If you annoy her during the day, she will hold it against you at night.


When the husband consistently refuses to take good care of his body, does not shower after sweating and smells horrible, his wife will be reluctant to come close to him at night. 

When the wife is very tired after tedious work during the day, she needs a lot of rest at night, and this won’t put her in the mood.


A man who is not romantic is also a total turn-off for women. Once he’s in the mood, he just wants to eat the cake without caressing her first. 

She starts to feel that she’s being used and not being loved by her husband, and starts avoiding his advances towards her at night.


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